200 bài tập đồng nghĩa trái nghĩa có đáp án file WORD


Bài tập từ đồng nghĩa, trái nghĩa trong tiếng Anh giúp học sinh củng cố từ vựng và kinh nghiệm làm bài. Đáp án là phần được bôi đậm, tô đỏ trong câu hỏi. Tải về file WORD (.doc) nên giáo viên có thể chỉnh sửa, biên soạn lại.
1. I cannot understand why she did that, it really doesn’t add up.
A. doesn’t calculate                                       B. isn’t mathematics
C. doesn’t make sense                                D. makes the wrong addition

2. These anniversaries mark the milestones of a happy and lasting relationship between married couples.

A. signs        B. achievements         C. landmarks             D. progresses

3. He has sold his house and has no job and so now he has next to nothing.

A. he is unemployed                                       B. he has a few things

C. he has almost no money                          D. he has nothing at all

Bài tập đồng nghĩa, trái nghĩa tiếng Anh file WORD

4. As a newspaper reporter, she always wanted to get information at first hand.

A. quickly B. slowly                     C. easily                      D. directly

5. The notice should be put in the most conspicuous place so that all the students can be well-informed.

A. easily seen       B. beautiful                 C. popular                   D. suspicious

Cùng chủ đề từ đồng nghĩa. Các bạn có thể xem và tải thêm Trắc nghiệm từ đồng nghĩa trái nghĩa tiếng Anh đáp án chi tiết

6. It was very difficult to understand what he was saying about the noise of the traffic.

A. pick up         B. make up                  C. turn out                   D. make out

7. The situation seems to be changing minute by minute.

A. from time to time   B. time after time        C. again and again      D. very rapidly

8. I am looking for a dependable person who can stand out for me at the meeting.

A. dependent              B. talented                  C. energetic                 D. reliable

9. My little boy Tom never screams though he is scared.

A. in pain                    B. frightened              C. embarrassed            D. confused

10. Sometimes when I hear the news, I feel very miserable.

A. confused                B. frightened               C. upset                      D. disappointed

11. The film is not worth seeing. The plot is too dull.

A. slow                        B. simple                     C. complicated            D. boring

12. We now can find a wide range of ready-cooked food in supermarkets.

A. variety                   B. classification           C. small number          D. popularity

13. I sometimes give my friends a ride in my car.

A. ask my friends drive for me B. let my friends drive my car

C. hitch-hike my friends D. give my friends a lift

14. A woman had a narrow escape when the car came round the corner.

A. was hurt                                                     B. was nearly hurt

C. ran away                D. bumped into the car

200 bài tập đồng nghĩa trái nghĩa có đáp án file WORD
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