File WORD 240 câu trắc nghiệm từ loại tiếng Anh hay có đáp án


File WORD 240 câu trắc nghiệm từ loại tiếng Anh hay có đáp án gồm 11 trang định dạng .doc dễ dàng chỉnh sửa, biên soạn lại
Exercise 1: Choose the best answer to complete these following sentences.
1. Mary_____ has English on Monday and Friday.
A. usual         B. frequent       C. usually      D. normal
2. Despite his_____, he succeeded in learning foreign language.
A disables B. disabled C. disability D. disable
3. I have_____ a map so that you can follow my directions easily.
A. enclosed B. sent C. written D. closed
4. The exercise was very difficult but he_____ to solve it in a very short time.
A. could B. practiced C. managed D. tries
5. His English has improved a lot_____ his great effort.
A. because B. in spite of C. thanks to D. thanks for
6. The road needs_____ as there is more and more traffic nowadays.
A. widening B. to widen C. making bigger D. thickening.
7. She_____ that she was going to Ho Chi Minh City soon.
A. told B. spoke C. said D. talked
8. We’ll go camping tomorrow_____ the weather is fine.
A. although B. if C. unless D. since
9. _____ I’ve reading the book, I’ll lend you.
A. When B. If C. Unless D. So
10. My aunt_____ us that she wouldn’t be able to come the next weekend.
A. said B. talked C. spoke D. told

Trắc nghiệm từ loại tiếng Anh file WORD có đáp án

11. At the meeting the teacher_____ about the problems of our schools.
A. talked B. talks C. says D. told
12. _____you water the tree, it will die.
A. If         B. Because       C. Unless      D. But
13. Despite of their shortages, they_____ their children to school.
A. took        B. sent       C. drove     D. brought
14. My sister has talent in_____ and she has won many prizes.
A. photographic B. photogenic C. photograph      D. photography
15. I tried to know the_____ of my new house as much as possible.
A. surround B. surrounded C. surrounds             D. surroundings
16. The_____ in the war should be taken care of.
A. injuring              B. injure          C. injures        D. injured

File WORD 240 câu trắc nghiệm từ loại tiếng Anh hay có đáp án
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